Turtleneck & Chain (feat. Snoop Dogg)



Our second album. Featuring Akon, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Michael Bolton, Beck, Nicki Minaj, and Santigold!


Turtleneck & Chain (x3) Sippin on a light beer
My turtleneck fat and my chain so thin and I'm sippin light beer and my crew right here
Chain razor thin, light beer in my cup, and my sweater on turtle with the neck on puff
Huge turtleneck and my chain so skinny, beer light all night stand up get dizzy
Light cup beer drink thin so chain neck turtle fat man I won't say it again.

Turtleneck & Chain (x3) Sippin on a light beer

Turtleneck, CHECK, with another on deck
Case I spill somethin' on it. Like some light beer? Yes.
We be braggin bout whose chain be the thinnest
Turtleneck thicker than Delta Burke swimming in a Guinness
Now bear witness..
But they can't see my chain
Metal so thin it dissolve when it rain

Got more chains than the snow patrol, every one razor thin like an insect stripper pole

Turtleneck & Chain (x3) Sippin on a light beer

Chain so light, when a breeze roll by, man, it float, and man it float
And my beer so light you can see right through it like a ghost


Sweaters swallowin' my chain like it's stuck in the couch, lookin like cookie monster flossin his mouth

See me coolin on the corner sippin light beer foam, you can tell by my turtleneck & chain that I bone

Turtleneck, light beer and a thin ass chain, and that's IT (x2)

The rabbit kicked the bucket, dog said fuck it, get my 2 step on with my turtleneck on
Thin ass chain, light beer in my glass. Mackin' at the bitches, the ones with the ass
Girl you know it's true, tell me what it do
Oh you like my style? Say you like my crew?
Say you wanna be under my chest, this turtleneck is like one of my best (x2)
So I guess, your dress, no stress, stayin fresh is my vendetta
I'm a crook so my look, or my game gonna get her
The fatter, the fluffier the puffier the bigger the turtleneck the more gangsta it is

Turtleneck & Chain(x3) Sippin on a light beer.

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